VIVOSUN Smart Grow System with AeroLight 100W LED Grow Light & 4-inch AeroZesh Inline Fan & GrowHub Controller & VIVOSUN App

Product Description

The VIVOSUN Smart Grow System is a modular, expandable system that makes growing your plants easy. You can start with just the AeroLight and GrowHub Controller, but as your garden grows, you can add more AeroZesh connected to the system with GrowHub Controllers.

The AeroLight: The world’s first 100W LED grow light with an integrated circulatory fan that increases airflow to the canopy, encouraging balanced temperature and humidity that won the Red Dot 2022 design award. The AeroLight is made with 301B Diodes, dimmable driver, sunlike full spectrum, perfect for every stage of growth from seedling to flowering.

The GrowHub: The central hub for the VIVOSUN Smart Grow System controls all tent equipment simultaneously—you can adjust operation of equipment with simple to read interface—and it allows you to adjust operation of equipment with simple to read interface. It also has a built-in light sensor so you don’t have to worry about turning on or off lights when they’re not needed (or keeping them on when they shouldn’t be).

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