Shade Cloth 50% Black Extra Strength Mono Filament

Product Description

Shield your plants and structures from intense heat with our UV-treated, black knitted shade cloth, available in widths of 6', 12', 20', 32', and 42'. This 50 percent shade cloth is ideal for regions with high temperatures, as it remains resilient and flexible even under extreme sunlight.

Key Features

  • UV treated for degradation prevention
  • Backed by an 8-year warranty & 16-year life expectancy
  • Provides 50% shade, limiting light transmission to just 50%
  • Engineered not to unravel when cut
  • Black color
  • Premium high-density monofilament offers superior strength compared to tape-knit shade cloth
  • Does not include shade cloth clips or spring wire
  • Will not unravel when cut

Installation of Shade Cloth

Ensure the cloth covers from hip to hip on your hoop house or loosely over the desired protective area. Secure the cloth with clips every 24-36". You can also install shade cloth using lock channels and spring wire. Refer to our video tutorial for step-by-step guidance on adding shade cloth to a high tunnel greenhouse.

Match Length of Shade Cloth with Length of Structure

 Hoop House Width Shade Cloth Width Recommendation
10' 20'
11'4 20' (20' for Gothic)
12' 20'
14' 20' (32' for Gothic)
20' 32' (42' for Gothic)
30' 42'

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