Outsunny 9.8x9.8x6.6ft Walk-in Greenhouse PE Cover Outdoor Tunnel Shed

Product Description

Are you a home gardening enthusiast looking for a way to stay in the soil year round? The PE cover is coated with uv protection to keep the plant from harmful rays. Door with zipper for easy access in or out. Galvanized steel tubes allow the greenhouse to last longer without rusting. The perfect solution for the real gardener out there who wants to keep their plants healthy throughout both the hotter and colder months of the year.


  • - The PE cover is coated with UV protection to better protect the plant
  • - 6 side windows ensure better air circulation
  • - Easy to control temperature and sunlight ideal for growing tropical plants vegetables fruit herbs flowers etc
  • - Galvanized steel pipe is rust proof & corrosion - proof
  • - The structure is stable with 7 cross bars and 2 reinforced inclined bars
  • - Assembly required


  • - Color: Green
  • - Material: Steel PE
  • - Overall Dimension: 118''L x 118''W x 78.75''H
  • - Window Size: 11.75''L x 11.75''W
  • - Door Size: 78.75''L x 67''W


  • - EXTEND THE GROWING SEASON: It is easier to manage your plants and protects them from fluctuant temperatures. Suitable for growing tropical plants vegetables fruits herbs flowers and so on.
  • - ZIPPED DOORS & ROLL-UP WINDOWS: Manage heat and light entering the greenhouse your plants can fully absorb sunshine.
  • - HIGH-QUALITY PE MESH: The transparent PE cover protects the plants while allowing nourishing sunlight to pass through which has a longer service life. The edge of the PE cover must deeply bury into the soil to improve the stability. You also need to tighten the cover to prevent water accumulation.
  • - STRONG & STABLE: Made with sturdy steel for durability and reliability. 7 cross bars and 2 reinforced diagonal bars can add stability.
  • - DIMENSIONS: Overall Dimension:118''L x 118''W x 78.75''H; Window Size: 11.75''L x 11.75''W; Door Size: 78.75''L x 67''W. NOTE 1: Please do not use acidic pesticides to avoid chemical reactions with the alkaline PE cover which result in breakage. NOTE 2: In order to prolong the service life you need to strengthen it yourself before bad weather.

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