HPS Grow Lights

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Tips on Choosing HPS Grow Lights

High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights, also known as High Pressure Sodium or HPS, have been a long-used and trusted bulb which has now been used to support and promote many different reproductive stages of plant life. These lights do not release heat during the process of photosynthesis thereby making them the ideal option to grow plants indoors. However, some high-pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs do produce a small amount of heat which is actually unnecessary if the plants used indoors are not receiving sufficient sunlight. Therefore, the debate continues about whether the small amount of heat produced is actually necessary for the plants to grow and sustain. Some of the best HPS grow light ideas for home use can be found here.

* Proper ventilation should be provided at all times. It is very important to get adequate air circulation in the room where plants will be kept. Plants require proper ventilation to prevent environmental stresses such as drying out and cracking from occurring as a result of evaporation. Too much moisture in a given area can also create problems for plants by causing root rot and other diseases. If plants receive proper ventilation and air circulation, they will be able to thrive even under poor lighting conditions.

* There are two different types of HPS grow bulbs, including the standard ballast and the LED grow ballast. A standard ballast produces enough light for plants to utilize while maintaining a low temperature so that evaporation does not occur. LEDs on the other hand use less energy to function but produce a higher temperature so that evaporation can occur easily.

* The first thing you need to look for when considering HPS is its wattage. It should be in the range of four to ten watts. A ballast may be powered by one to five watts. A higher wattage often means a higher quality bulb. In addition to quality bulbs, it should be capable of producing light for your plants for a sufficient period of time without getting overheated or burned out.

* The next factor to consider is the HPS ballast's wattage. The higher wattage ballast will produce more light over a period of time but will use more energy in doing so. If this is a concern, then opt for a lower wattage ballast as it should still provide the right amount of light and heat for blooming plants.

* When looking for HPS lights, its best to go with a brand name that has experience and is popular. Grow Shop Inc is one of the most popular names in the business due to their long experience in the industry and their high quality bulbs. The company also recycles so many bulbs, which further reduces waste and helps the environment. They offer a wide variety of models that are known for their performance and quality.

* Make sure you get lights that are designed to be used with a timer. You want to be able to control the amount of light you use for your plants at different stages of the bloom season. If you don't have an idea of how long each stage of blooming plants should receive light, use an HPS timer to set this accordingly.

* You should look for bulbs that are known for their color intensity and not the number of watts they produce. HPS grow bulbs produce the most colorful flowers and leaves but tend to be the strongest and most expensive. The best grow lights for your plants are the ones that produce the most color for every watt they consume. Grow Shop Inc offers bulbs that are great for all plants, regardless of bloom time. They also offer a wide array of models that are great for growing any type of plant from seedlings to full grown plants.