Grow Rack Flood Trays - 4'x8' Pallet

Product Description

The Grow Rack Flood Trays are 4'x8' pallet of trays specially designed to sit flat on the pallet racking. This allows you to take advantage of the extra vertical space while ensuring proper drainage. Each tray has a trough that hangs slightly over the edge, and is 16" deep. The trays feature base corners at each end slightly larger than the standard sized flood tray for strength and durability, when sitting flat on a pallet frame. Being constructed from clear polycarbonate also allows for easy visibility for grower's applications such as providing ventilation or catching runoff irrigation water.

Utilizing racking for vertical propagation allows you to take advantage of overhead space, reducing your cultivation footprint by up to 50%. Specially designed features allow this tray to sit flat on the pallet racking with a trough that hangs slightly over the edge.

This trough collects runoff then directs it towards the bulkhead recess to reduce standing water. The Rack Tray is perfect for large scale microgreen or propagation production accommodating sixteen 10 x 20 prop flats. The 93-inch length allows trays to be palletized vertically in quantities of 30 on a standard 40 in x 48 in pallet.


Dimensions: 93" x 48" x 6⅓"

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