Greenhouse Shade Cloth - 30% White

Product Description

Opting for our white greenhouse shade cloth ensures UV stabilization, resistance to rot and mildew, and an impressive 8-year warranty, providing a life expectancy of up to 16 years. This shade cloth stands as a vital element in your greenhouse setup, offering protection for your plants during the intense summer heat.

Why to Buy Shade Cloth?

Shade cloths play a pivotal role in safeguarding your plants by offering light diffusion and UV protection. Beyond protection, they contribute to maintaining a cooler greenhouse environment, enhancing plant ventilation, minimizing water usage, and acting as a preventive measure against sunburn on your precious plants.

Selecting the Right Size

When considering the size of your shade cloth, ensure it covers from hip to hip on your hoop house or loosely drapes over the designated area requiring protection. Secure the cloth with clips positioned every 24-36 inches, or opt for installation using lock channels and spring wires. For a step-by-step guide, explore our video tutorial on incorporating shade cloth into a high tunnel greenhouse.

Here are some quick conversions -

(Match Length of Shade Cloth with Length of Structure)

 Hoop House Width Shade Cloth Width Recommendation
10' 20'
11'4 20' (20' for Gothic)
12' 20'
14' 20' (32' for Gothic)
20' 32' (42' for Gothic)
30' 42'



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