Greenhouse Kits

How to Choose Greenhouse Kits That Will Fit Your Yard

Greenhouse kits come in many shapes and sizes. The best greenhouse kits range depending on your personal needs and price range. The trick to selecting the right greenhouse kit for yourself is to know exactly how you plan to use the greenhouse. Your plant choices and your own goals will dictate how large your greenhouse has to be, what sort of covering you will need to employ and what type of frame will work best for the greenhouse. But no matter what greenhouse kit you select, the most important thing to remember is that you can have the best greenhouse kit to suit you and your climate.

UV Protection - All greenhouse kits will include UV protection. Whether buying plastic or metal, the majority of greenhouse kits provide some sort of UV protection. This UV protection blocks the sun's harmful rays from directly harming your plants. However, some brands offer UV protection that is more than others, so you may want to read through all the information provided very carefully.

Easy Access - Greenhouse kits are designed to make it easy for you to maintain your greenhouse. Whether you are just setting it up once and awhile or if you have a large greenhouse you need to frequently inspect, there are a number of greenhouse kits that make it very easy for you to access your plants. With greenhouse kits like tilting shades, automatic watering and planting straps, there is no more running back and forth in order to check your plants or water them. Easy access greenhouses make maintaining your greenhouse easy!

Strong Wind - Greenhouse kits that are made out of heavy duty plastic or metal will typically be able to withstand strong winds. Strong wind may blow your greenhouse towards the wrong direction if you are not careful. The best greenhouse kits will make it very easy for you to move them during strong wind. If you are unsure whether or not the greenhouse you are considering will tolerate strong wind, you should ask the retailer which ones they recommend for use in areas with strong winds.

Larger Greenhouse - If you have an area on your yard that you would like to turn into a garden, consider purchasing greenhouse kits that feature a larger interior space. Typically this means that your greenhouse will be able to house more plants and grower than if you had purchased a smaller greenhouse. However, when shopping for larger greenhouses, you may also want to look for greenhouse kits that can be added onto to your existing yard, should you ever desire to do so in the future.

Growing Season - Some greenhouse kits come with a limited or non-existent growing season. While it may be fun to get started with a new plant in your new greenhouse during the best growing season possible, it can be quite difficult trying to get your plants off of the ground during the off-season. When looking for greenhouse kits, make sure that the ones you purchase can actually handle a full growing season. Also, always look for the best greenhouse kits available that can be expanded upon in the future. This will allow you to get more plants in the winter, as well as extra space for future projects that you might want to work on.

Frame - While greenhouse kits can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, the most important part of choosing the right greenhouse kit is finding one that will fit onto your foundation. This means that you will want to carefully measure the area that your greenhouse will cover, as well as the foundation that your greenhouse is going to sit on. You will also need to make sure that your frame matches the shape and dimensions of your foundation. Many greenhouse kits include detailed instructions on how to measure and build a frame to fit onto the foundation properly.

Easy Access - Greenhouse kits that come with easy access to the plants are great for anyone who doesn't want to spend a lot of time digging and preparing the ground for the plant. Easy access allows you to get your plants up and running quickly, while giving you easier access to clean up afterwards. Make sure that any greenhouse that you choose has an easy to clean cover so that you have the least amount of maintenance needed once you've put your greenhouse up and running. Greenhouses that are easy to access are also generally larger, allowing you to grow more plants at any given time.