All-Steel Greenhouse Kit

Product Description

Introducing complete all-metal greenhouse kits, designed to weather the extremes of the seasons. NRCS Friendly. Made in the U.S.A.

Made from heavy duty,LEED Certified, USA steel with Flo-Coat®, a clear organic seal. All-steel frame includes end walls with multiple door options. Overlapping joints and integrated wind bracing for superior strength and ease of installation. Finish any size within a weekend.

What's Included: (In The Base Kit)

  • Pre-bent 16-gauge Hoops
  • Ground Posts & Post Driver
  • Steel Braces & End-walls
  • 36" Door Frame
  • Galvanized Hardware
  • Aluminum Lock Channel
  • PVC Coated Spring Wire
  • 4 Year Greenhouse Plastic

Additional Options:

  • Passive Sidewall Roll-up Bundle
  • Double Layer of Plastic
  • Inflation Fan for Double Layer
  • Insect Netting
  • Shade Cloth & Ground Cover

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